China’s Great Green Wall 🇨🇳

China is leading the world in green technology and afforestation efforts. Here is a very informative video about their monumental investment in environmentalism and how it’s been saving lives and helping their people!

Do you think the Capitalist US is capable of investment like this? We watch horrible wildfires and deforestation every year but don’t seem to have a longterm plan for combatting any of it.

As we can see, China is leading the world in reforestation, with some good efforts being made in certain European countries. However, it is important to note that much of the deforestation in big exporters like Brazil and other South American countries is done for the profits of Western powers. In a way, we are exporting our deforestation.

I will leave you with a quote from president Xi Jinping. It’s important to understand our bias against China and that we expect politicians to be power-hungry liars because ours are, but that doesn’t always have to be the case, and we should recognize China’s noble efforts when they are backing it up with real humanitarian action.

We must realize that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets and act on this understanding, implement our fundamental national policy of conserving resources and protecting the environment, and cherish the environment as we cherish our own lives.

  • Xi Jinping